Corporate Gift Guide

Do employee appreciation right with corporate gifting options from Mini Melanie! With a wide variety of combinations and bundles available, we are ready to satisfy any sweet tooth on your team!

Signature Truffles

With five year-round flavors and two seasonal ones, these truffles make the perfect mini gift for those that make your company run! Boxes of these little bites can be bought big or small for any gifting occasion, and customization options are only limited to your imagination. Ribbons, custom sleeves, insert cards, or custom stickers are the final steps to make sure your truffles are as unique as your company! 


Perfect Pairings

Coming soon to the bakery is the addition of perfect pairings, bundles made to make shopping easier. We gathered our team of bakers to create multiple different options we think go great together, and ended up with multiple amazing choices we can't wait to offer! Bundles include truffle boxes and cake pops combined, as well as layer cakes packaged with truffles, all able to be customized with different flavors and packaging! With shipping nationwide, these delicious combinations are only a few clicks away! 



Last but not least on the list are our delectable cookies and cakies! On our website right now are our cookie cakes available in Chocolate Chip or Cookies n' Cream, but don't worry, more is on the way. Soon enough, you will be able to order our new sugar cookies or cakies in boxes, all able to be customized. Cakie flavors include Chocolate Ganache, Lemon Poppy, Appledoodle, and Cheesecakie, with all being as delicious as the last. We can't wait for you to try these new options, but in the meantime, our cookie cakes will be waiting for you!


Ordering for a corporate occasion is quick and easy. All you have to do is go to the corporate gifting section, pick out your treats, fill in your address, and submit your order. The hardest part will be picking what you want to get! We look forward to helping with your special order and will be back soon with updates about our new products!

-Nathaniel Danziger