Halva Cake Truffles are back!

One of my strongest pre-Covid memories from last March is sitting with Rachel Simons of Seed + Mill  at a big, beautiful family-style table at Chelsea Market for a James Beard awards dinner in honor of Women's History Month. Before Covid, we had a shop at NYC's Chelsea Market, which is where we first met Rachel and the Seed + Mill family.

We were thrilled to be part of that evening, mingling with other female chefs and business owners from the market. Diana and I were so proud to have the halva cake truffles as party favors for the evening, pictured above. I, at least, could not have anticipated what would happen just a week later!

One year later in March 2021, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring back these delicious truffles for Women's History Month. We have grown so much as a business and as female business owners over this past year, and as corny as it seems, this truffle assortment is symbolic of this.

We have two new flavors for you, made with incredible halva from Rachel's shop: cardamom white chocolate and coffee dark chocolate. Each bite of chocolate is packed with delicious halva, lightly blended with vanilla cake. Seed + Mill halva is flaky, delicate, and melts in your mouth! This is a staff favorite! Keep in mind that halva, while gluten-free, contains sesame. We're not a nut-free kitchen but we wash/sanitize after preparing any desserts, like this one, that contains ingredients not on our regular menu.

Come behind the scenes with us into our kitchen as we create a fresh batch of halva cake truffles and look to brighter times ahead!