Staff spotlight: Jorge Baldeon


Hey, back again with another staff spotlight. This week I interviewed Jorge Baldeon who has been working here at Mini Melanie for almost two years. He's our highly skilled pastry chef and specializes in cookie decorating (he makes such intricate and beautiful cookies), and our best selling cookie cakes!

RM: where are you from originally?

JB: I'm from Guayaquil, Ecuador - the best city in my country!

RM: What/who inspired you to start baking and decorating?

JB: My uncle. My uncle worked in a bakery for 20 years so when I was growing up I always looked up to him. He has taught me so much!  

RM: What is your favorite dessert on the Mini Melanie menu?

JB: Oh wow all of them are very good but honestly my favorite is the opera cake. This is found in our All That Glitz truffles, which I love making.

RM: What is your favorite thing about making and decorating the Mini Melanie cookie cakes?

JB: After I'm done baking the cake and adding the ganache, the last step is to add a white chocolate drizzle and sprinkles. That is the best part! It feels very rewarding because it’s the last step of the process to making the cookie cakes.

RM: What is the project you’re most proud of making at Mini Melanie?

JB:  I don't think that there is one product specifically because I'm very proud of all the things I've made! I'm so proud of all the cookies and the Oreo Sprinkles Cookie Cake


RM: What is your favorite thing about decorating and baking at Mini Melanie?

JB: My favorite thing is just being able to learn new things. Every day I learn new things from working here and I've learned so much in my time here. I was able to expand my knowledge on decorating cakes and cookies which is so great.  



Thanks for returning and reading the third staff spotlight of the week. Come back next week to see who will be spotlighted next!

- Racheli Moskowitz