Staff spotlight + new product launch: John Rodriguez

Hi! My name is Racheli Moskowitz, and I am a brand new intern at Mini Melanie. You'll be hearing more from me on our Instagram @minimelanienyc and here on this blog. We’re starting a new behind-the-scenes weekly spotlight, introducing our amazing team. First up, I am excited to introduce you to: John Rodriguez, our sous-chef.

John has been working at Mini Melanie for two years, and John makes sure that Melanie’s production list is completed every day. He gets in early in the morning to get all of our ingredients ready for the day. John was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and our brand new mini rice krispies are the first product that he created.



Here's a couple questions I put together to help you all get to know John.


RM: What made you want to go into the food business? 

JR: Well growing up in an Italian/ Puerto Rican household there is no shortage of delicious food. My grandma was an amazing cook, so I always watched and helped her. Also I love to joyfully bring people together with a great meal. In its own way food is an expression of art. 

RM: What do you like most about working at Mini Melanie?

JR: Besides the amazing people I get to work with, I like how Mini Melanie has brought out another side of skills I never knew I had! Creating and designing cakes has been the most exciting thing!

RM: What is your favorite dessert on the Mini Melanie menu?

JR: It’s hard to pick just one! If I had to choose one, it would be our salted caramel chocolate chip cake.

RM: How did you come up with the idea for the mini rice krispies? 

JR: I noticed that there were rice krispies and marshmallows sitting in the kitchen, and it brought me back to being a kid. I figured who doesn't love rice krispy treats?! I also thought that this would be perfect for our customers because this mini treat can bring them back to their childhood.

RM: What should people know about the mini rice krispies? 

JR: Well first of all, they are gooey and fantastic which brings you back to being a kid! They are also so rich in flavour and just so delicious. 

RM: What is the process of making the rice krispies?

JR: I started off with melting the marshmallows and the butter in a double broiler until it turned into a gooey consistency. Then I poured the marshmallow and butter mixture into the rice crispy cereal and mixed until everything was incorporated. For the best part, I added either chocolate chips or sprinkles to make chocolate or sprinkles treats! To make them mini, I added them to our truffle molds and for the final touch dipped the chocolate chip ones in chocolate.

Thank you for reading my first spotlight of the week. Come back next week for another staff spotlight!