Staff spotlight: Serena Rosales

Hey guys, I'm back with another staff spotlight! This week we are checking in with Serena Rosales, Decorator and Pastry Guru at Mini Melanie. Serena’s a little shy, but let’s see what fun stuff she has to share. 

RM: When did you start working at Mini Melanie? 

SR: I started last year in January.

RM: Where are you from originally?

SR: I’m from Washburg, Wisconsin. 

RM: What do you like most about working at Mini Melanie?

SR: My favorite thing is doing anything that involves decorating! Cakes, cookies… any treat really.

RM: What is your favorite dessert on the Mini Melanie menu?

SR: There are so many amazing options but my favorite one of them all has to be the Ooey Gooey chocolate cake. It’s just so amazing.


RM: What is the most complicated treat you’ve ever decorated?

SR: Recently I decorated a cake inspired by author Takashi Murakami. His artwork is very intricate and detailed so having to decorate a cake based off of it was a long process. It took several days with drawing all of the details and the technical work but I was so proud of the end result! I also made cookies inspired by his artwork with the cake but the cake was by far the most complicated.

RM: What is it like working at Mini Melanie with your twin sister, Angelica?

SR: Working with any family member has its struggles but overall it's fine! We aren't working on the same things, I'm in one part of the kitchen and she's in the other. This keeps us out of each others way so we are not with each other all day long.

RM: How did you get into decorating cakes and desserts?

SR: When I lived in Washburg, I worked at a Bed And Breakfast as a dishwasher. I was there for a while and then became the sous chef which made me in charge of most of the desserts. Then I was offered a job that involved more time baking and decorating. Later I moved to New York and I was really able to pursue my passion for decorating cakes here at Mini Melanie!

RM: Which is the cake you are most proud of producing at Mini Melanie?

SR: I've made and decorated many cakes but the one that I'm most proud of has to be the DOB inspired cake. The process was very long but in the end I really was able to create something amazing and it felt so accomplishing. 

Thanks for returning and reading the second staff spotlight of the week. Come back next week to see who will be spotlighted next!

- Racheli Moskowitz