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In our family, dessert is the most important meal of the day.

Growing up the youngest of three sisters in a house that always revolved around what we were eating for our next meal, it was hard to get noticed in the kitchen.

Everyone was always cooking, trying out a new recipe, or setting the table in a new style. I wanted to make my mark and join in the fun, but I didn’t exactly know how with the whole gang being older - and louder than I was. Our parents always encouraged us to follow our passions, and when I realized that no one was nailing it when it came to dessert, I made it my purpose to tackle baking. Luckily for me, our grandma was from Vienna (a city which in our opinion gives Parisian desserts a run for its money), and “Oma,” as we called her, took me under her wing every day after school in the kitchen, starting at age six. She rarely had a recipe to go off of, but the batters and doughs were always scented with vanilla and with a gorgeous texture. We’d laugh and stir, and with buttery hands, slide our desserts into the oven. While our baked goods rose, Oma would entertain me with stories as I tried on her jewelry and sifted through her sacred boxes and pouches of gems.

When my sisters came home from school and our parents came home from work, I still remember the feeling of watching them slice into the tarts and cakes that Oma and I had baked. Every family meal was sweeter and more memorable with the simple ingredients that we used to whip up a weeknight specialty.

Mini Melanie Cake Truffles are inspired by these nights sitting around the family table.

Shaped like little jewels and filled with simple, high quality bites of cake, each box of Mini Melanie is an ode to the afternoons spent with Oma over butter, sugar, and glittery gems.

What started with the Truffles and expanded to Cake Pops, Cookie Decorating Kits, and Cakes, we aim to ship high quality, family made desserts with simple, classic ingredients. Mini Melanie will make dessert easy for you so every night can be just a little bit sweeter and more memorable.

About Melanie

Pastry Chef Melanie Moss is co-founder of Mini Melanie, with her sister/partner, Diana. Melanie received her B.A. from Northwestern University and spent a year studying abroad in Paris, where she worked as sous chef and translator for Cours de Cuisine Paris. Melanie studied the culinary arts at The Institute of Culinary Education and later worked in the pastry kitchens of both Babbo and Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Melanie started Mini Melanie in 2014 out of Hot Bread Kitchen, an incubator for women-owned businesses, and for the past ten years has brought creative desserts to New York City and since 2020, nationwide. Melanie competed on Food Network’s CHOPPED in 2018 and won the episode’s chocolate competition. She also competed on Beat Bobby Flay in 2021. Melanie is a mom of three boys, and you can find her every day after work in her home kitchen.

Baking is Truly a Family Affair