Summertime Shipping

Temperatures are higher then ever before, so we make sure that your desserts get to you in pristine condition regardless of the heat! Our shipping changes slightly in the summer, with insulated liners and eco-friendly ice packs being added to every package we send out! While it might cost slightly more, it ensures your sweets arrive at your door looking picture perfect. 

To walk you through the packing process process, I interviewed our Fulfillment Team Leader, Serena Rosales. 

What products do we ship nationwide?

"At the moment most of our products are available for shipping nationwide including our Cakes, Cookie Cakes, Cake Pops, Cookie Kits, and our Cake Truffles! Soon enough we will also be able to ship cakies nationwide as well." 

What's the most popular summer product? 

"Our most popular product has to be the cake pops. People order them all the time year round." 

Do you have a favorite item you think customers should try?

"Honestly our customers have the right idea! My personal favorite item is also our cake pops, I can't resist them!" 

Do we ship desserts frozen?

"Yes! We ship our desserts out frozen so by the time they arrive to our customer's door they are ready to be stored in the fridge or the freezer." 

What types of packaging and ice do we use for shipping? 

"When we package items in boxes, we use poly cool insulated liners to keep the products cool and protect. For ice, we use gel blocks small and large to keep the items cool for a longer period of time."

Make sure to check out our online store to see what goodies can be shipped to you or your loved ones door nationwide!

-Nathaniel Danziger