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Deluxe Truffle Box

Sale price$85.00

Impress with the best assortment of Cake Truffles in our deluxe gift box sets. Select 25 or 50 of our most popular truffle flavors, in a box tied with ribbon.

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Deluxe Truffle Box product image
Deluxe Truffle Box product image
Deluxe Truffle Box product image
Deluxe Truffle Box product image

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

These are so delicious! My treat for my family for Valentines and we love them!!

Sooo good!!

I ordered the deluxe truffles for the family as a Christmas treat. Each flavor was delicious! Very flavorful. One downside due to shipping, two thirds of truffles were loose and put of their respective spot in the box and 4 of the tops were smashed and crumbly.
While the presentation was ruined, the taste was not. The family still enjoyed them.
I would definitely recommend the truffles to others.

Best Gift!

I was gifted some amazing treats from Mini Melanie and brought them to an event and hands down the truffles are a must-try for anyone who loves food. Everyone loved how beautiful they looked but not only that they were the perfect sweet treat. Not too much and not too little they were delicious, beautiful, and have the perfect soft and crunch texture. These are the perfect gift to send to someone because they are not basic at all. It’s like a cake pop and chocolate truffle had a baby. Whether you're a foodie or just looking for something new to try and gift to someone special, the truffles are definitely worth it.

Daniel Bal

All I have to say is Wow! I think the idea of CAKE truffles are amazing, first of all, and this was the first time I had heard of something like that and SO happy I got them! The thick outer shell combined with the center cake that was soft yet extremely flavorful, was absolutely addictive! The outer designs were so eye catching that you want to try them all! Hands down best cake truffles I probably will ever have!

Lovely box of truffles

The truffles came packaged nicely with temperature control, which is important for delivering to Texas, even in the winter. The truffles are tasty, as always, and I appreciated the variety.

I do wish there was a way we could customize the box just a little bit, at least in terms which flavors you receive more of. We received: 6 Salty Marble, 6 Coconut Pound Cake, 5 Brooklyn Blackout, 4 Sprinkles Cake, and 4 Strawberry Shortcake. I strongly dislike the Coconut Pound Cake, so I wish I could have gotten less of that flavor and more of ANY of the others.

Thank you for the feedback! We will definitely keep this in mind. Feel free to email us ( if you want to build a CUSTOM box with ANY assortment you like! Thank you so much for ordering. We appreciate it and your review!