Why We Started Making DIY Kits

DIY kits are something I never thought I'd get into. As a classically trained chef, I love delivering a beautiful, delicious finished product. Through all the changes our business has recently gone through, I've found out how much I love delivering a fun, educational, and delicious experience!

It's no surprise that 2020 was a whirlwind for us as a business. Navigating such a challenging year became doable because we are a family-run bakery. 

When your sister is your business partner, you know the following things upfront:

  • she knows what you look like when you cry, especially those weird, ugly faces you make
  • you know every detail about each others lives. this is efficient for planning and get things done! we know when to call each other and what time we wake up. we basically have an innate GPS on each other. 
  • we know how one another thinks, and we don't beat around the bush.

2020 was about crisis management, and our sisterly bond helped us focus and forge our path forward. This was only possible because we work so efficiently together and can make things happen speedily. 

Our DIY kits are a great product of making the most out of the pandemic environment. Cookie Decorating and Baking Kits are interactive, easy, versatile, delicious, and fun for all ages. Check out our new kits here: V-day, B-day, and Vegan.

I love doing them with my nieces and nephew who are 6, 8, and 10. It's a great activity for a virtual birthday/shower, engaging meaningfully with clients, and showing your appreciation for your employees. We're all about everyone being able to enjoy something sweet and special, so we had lots of fun developing a vegan, gluten-free option with no eggs, butter, or gluten in sight. 

See some fun pictures below from our happy customers and from virtual cookie decorating classes!

If you have a kit coming your way, we'd love to see your results. Even though there's a decorating guide enclosed, the cookies are a blank canvas for getting creative! And if you have a special occasion that we can make more fun, give us a shout. As always, we're an open door on email, phone, chat, and DM (I check Instagram constantly but Facebook not as much!) And now as you know, us sisters are working together day and night to bring you our very best.